What is Android?


Those that have been iOS users since the first iPhone that aren’t as familiar with its competitors may not even be aware of what Android actually is. Android is the operating system (OS) used by a variety of smartphone and tablet manufacturers that aren’t Apple. That means that Sony, Motorola, and others are using this operating system, in contrast to the iOS operating system being used by iPhone users.

That means that Android, which is owned by Google, is a competitor to Apple when it comes to phones and tablets. But the operating system isn’t just for the Google smartphone, the Nexus. The Android operating system is used by a variety of different phone manufacturers, which is one of the benefits of using phones under this category. While the Android experience is definitely different than the Apple one, it’s still good to know that there are a number of benefits of using a phone that is powered by Android.

What’s in an Android?

Apple Music

Android phones were recently granted access to Apple Music, the music streaming service that grants a subscriber access to the entire iTunes library. This is a huge benefit to those who are considering switching to Android phones but don’t want to miss out on their iTunes purchases. It’s a way for Apple to produce some revenue out of Android users, but it still greatly benefits those who are on Android and prefer iTunes over the other available options for music from Android.


Besides Apple Music, there are over a million available apps available to Android users. As of July 2015, Android actually had 1.6 million apps available, more than the 1.5 million available in Apple’s App Store. Those that aren’t interested in Apple Music have Google Play or Spotify to choose from, and other great apps like 7 Minute Workout, Action Launcher 3, and Dashlane Password Manager.

Advances in Hardware

In contrast with Apple phones, those that run Android are striving to compete better by making advances in the hardware their phones are using. A new DROID, the Turbo 2, even features a display that can’t be shattered. Also, while Apple’s latest iPhone 6 is more water resistant than its predecessors, it is still not quite as water resistant as many of the Android phones being released.

Camera Strength

The top phones that are powered by Android are beginning to feature more and more powerful cameras. The new Sony smartphones, the Xperia, feature 20.7MP cameras. That’s far more powerful than the 8MP camera available in the iPhone 6.


Customization is simple and easy on Android phones. The interface and icon setup of Android is very customizable for users that are wanting to go for something different in the way they interact with their phone.

Different Manufacturers

The cross-platform nature of Android phones and tablets does make them in some ways more beneficial than iOS phones, which are only distributed by Apple. There are manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony, Google, Motorola, as well as HTC. The different options available gives users more to choose from when it comes to their phones, and lets them choose the phone that most tailors to their wants and needs.

Whether someone is an iPhone user or has fallen in love with the Android option, the truth is that there are benefits to both and these days users can’t go wrong. The important things to consider when making a choice are what the budget is, and what the strengths are of the different phones. Whether someone goes for Android or iOS powered smartphones or tablets, the important thing is that they make the choice they are happiest with.

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