The Best Way To Screenshot Your iPhone

The digital world is evolving rather fast as technology keep emerging one after another. Apple has particularly asserted itself with great technologies that target making the user’s life more stylish, enjoyable, and fulfilling. With an iPhone, it is now possible to take a screenshot of activity so that you can present it as evidence to friends and colleagues in social circles.

After trying to break the record of the favorite game to the next level with no success for a full week; the moment you finally make it is worth celebrating. Make sure to capture it in a screenshot. If you have just hit a jackpot on the favorite bookmaker, capturing it in a screenshot and saving will help you to remember the great moments. To have a collection of great moments, it is important to ensure you understand and can get perfect screen shots using a smartphone. In this post, we comprehensive review the best method of capturing an enthralling screenshot.

Start the application of interest and visit the target page

Just like the computer screenshots, the iPhone screen shots also capture the actions taking place on the screen. For example, if you are interested in capturing a unique moment on the betting page or company website, opening the page. While the computer screenshots are lost if you take a subsequent shot before saving the former, it is different with iPhone. The shots are all stored automatically in the photos folder so that the user can access them anytime.

Hold the power button and then press the home button at the same time

One of the unique features of iPhones is their extra sensitive screens. However, this can also compromise your ability to take perfect screenshots especially when needed urgently. Holding down the power button hit the hit the home button making sure that you do not touch Siri. The screen is transformed into a unique camera and captures all that is on display that time. You will hear the camera shutter sound, and the screen will also flash some light. Though not as bright as the common camera flashlights, it will be sufficient for a perfect shot. The images are immediately stores in the All Photos folder for users with active iCloud accounts. However, if your iCloud account is off, the images will be sent to the Camera Roll.

Retrieving the screenshot images

To retrieve the images, navigate to the Home page and then to Photos App to get the screenshots folder located at the bottom. If your iCloud account is active and on, the images are sent there backed up automatically. Just like other images, the screenshots can be accessed and used like wall-wrappers, office calendars, embroidery ideas, and even home decor.

To edit a screenshot image from iPhone, you only have to tap it for a drop-down menu to emerge. Here, you can opt to view, edit, or mark them as favorite. Right from the images store, the user can opt to share the great screenshots on social media personal accounts such as Facebook and Instagram. Your iPhone also allows you to insert the image in text messages or emails by simply tapping the camera icon.


Screenshots provide an enthralling method of capturing unique moments and storing it as images or sharing with close friends. It is a unique demonstration to showcase personal skills in a hobby, profession, or even competitions. Simply follow the outlined steps to get the best shots right from the screen. Remember that you will need to practice before all the steps can be mastered and applied promptly.

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